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Spirit Moved Me

"Using powerful, universal themes, Paul has created a joyous and heartfelt treatment of modern spirituality"



This Uplifting CD, Paul's latest release, is filled with:


Heartfelt songs that really Say Something
Songs that have Depth and Meaning        
Songs that are Fun, Danceable, Energizing and Spiritually Satisfying 
Songs that will make you smile from the Inside Out
Songs to Brighten Your Day!


But don't just take our word for it! 


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1There's Ony One Of Us
2. The Spirit Moved Me
3. All That We Are Is Love
4. There's Only Fear Or Love
5.  San Clemente Nights
6.  Karmic Interest
God Talks To Everyone
8.  At Least 100 Times A Day
9.  The Other Side
10. L.E.G.s 

Why the tribute?  Who is Neale Donald Walsch?
Throughout my life I have consciously, if not always actively, been on a spiritual journey.  Although this path has led me to many brilliant and inspired teachers, the one that I credit for my true awakening is Neale Donald Walsch.

 Neale's style of writing is clear and direct.  His simple and honest questions cover most of the topics that one would ask God if given the chance, and the loving and concise answers reached me in a way that nothing else has.  After years of searching, it finally all made sense to me.

 I also love that the voice of God that speaks to Neale is both playful and humorous, and at times even what we formerly would have considered "irreverent" (How's that for irony?).  He reveals to us a God absolutely filled with joy, love and compassion. 

 In reading, in experiencing, the books called Conversations With God, I was infused with this same sense of joy, love and compassion, and it is these glorious feelings that inspired me to write the songs on this CD. 

This is my musical way of sharing that experience.

May you, too be filled with feelings of joy, love and compassion.


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